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The most commonly asked questions on Ditto are addressed. here

What is Ditto?

Ditto is a liquid staking protocol that lets anyone stake their APT tokens so that they can contribute to governance, decentralisation while earning yield and maintaining liquidity.

What is stAPT?

stAPT stands for Ditto staked Aptos, it is minted when you stake APT via Ditto. This is a yield bearing token which represents your ownership of the Aptos staked via Ditto. As the staking pool earns validator rewards for securing the Aptos network, the value of stAPT will appreciate vs APT. stAPT has all of the utility of APT, and is usable across the Aptos DeFi ecosystem.

How do I get my staking rewards?

When you mint stAPT, this represents ownership over the staked Aptos in Ditto. When Ditto earns staking rewards, the amount of APT held by Ditto will increase, and naturally your stAPT will represent ownership of more Aptos tokens. This means that your stAPT will be redeemable for an ever increasing amount of stAPT.

What is a liquid staking derivative?

A liquid staking derivative is a tokenised version of a stake asset which allows you to earn staking rewards while still being able to transact in and utilise the value of your locked collateral. This is done by minting a liquid token wrapper that represents your staked assets.

Where can I use stAPT?

stAPT will be deeply integrated throughout the Aptos ecosystem. It will be available across DEXs, lending protocols, stablecoins, NFT marketplaces and more. Our goal is to have as many integrations for stAPT as APT itself!