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Ditto Token (DTO)

A summary of the DTO token.
The vision for Ditto is to make stAPT — our liquid wrapper for staked Aptos earning sustainable validator yield— the base token of Aptos DeFi. We believe that the DTO token will help achieve this through a few key functions:
  • Enabling decentralisation and governance of the Ditto protocol which will ensure that this core primitive remains neutral and fairly operated.
  • Aligning incentives between core stakeholders such as ecosystem partners, users, validators and protocol contributors.
  • Bootstrapping key network effects for the Ditto Protocol.


Overview of token distribution. Planned initial supply: 1bn DTO Tokens.
Token Launch Plans: There is currently no fixed date or details around how the DTO token will go live. Currently a Pre-mining program exists which will form a part of the initial distribution. Read more here.