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stAPT Staking Program

The incentive program for users with stAPT.
Users will be able to take the stAPT they receive from staking APT on Ditto and stake that on Ditto for pre-mining incentives.
The goal of this is to incentivise users to stake APT and also lock stAPT. This is a great way for users who are seeking to build long APT exposure to maximise their position and yields in a safe and secure manner.
Yield breakdown:
  • On staking APT via Ditto: Users will receive 7% in annual yield from native APT emissions. This is the reward paid out to users for contributing to securing the network (network validation yield). This is the Native APT yield. When you unstake stAPT via Ditto for APT you will realise this yield by getting back more APT than you initially staked.
  • On staking stAPT via Ditto: Ditto’s pre-mine program will have DTO governance token emissions which will be paid out using the discount token method. Once the Ditto token is live on mainnet, users will be able to redeem DTO tokens at a discount. The longer a user stakes for in the pre-mine program, the more discount tokens that the user will receive. NOTE: These tokens will not be redeemable until a later date when the DTO token generation event occurs.
  • Staking APT Rewards:
    • User stakes APT to receive stAPT and earns 7% in APT yield per year.
  • Staking stAPT Rewards:
    • DTO assumes a launch price of $0.05 (50m Fully Diluted Valuation).
    • DTO discount tokens offer a 50% discount - therefore each discount token has a inherent value of $0.025.
    • A user earns 10,000 DTO Discount Tokens. This is worth $250 and should be reflective of the APR that the user is earning which is displayed on the Ditto UI.