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Introduction to Ditto

Liquid staking on Aptos. Earn yield, stay liquid.

What is Ditto?

Ditto is a liquid staking solution built on Aptos. We let users stake their Aptos token to earn yield and help contribute towards decentralising the network while still remaining liquid.

Why Liquid Staking?

We believe that the Aptos ecosystem will benefit greatly from liquid staking. The current disadvantages around native staking include:
  • Any staked balances are illiquid.
  • Running validators require a minimum stake which may price out users from the validation process.
  • Delegation is not yet natively supported, therefore in order for an individual to participate in the validation process they must operate a their own node, meaning there is a high technical barrier to entry.
Liquid staking solves all of these problems; users will be able to stake their Aptos for Ditto staked Aptos (stAPT) which will automatically accrue yield.

The Vision

Our vision is that stAPT becomes the base token that the DeFi community holds and transacts in.